Aerospace Defence & Security

STCO has a specialised team that deals with the Aerospace, Defence, and Security clients. The team provides services in areas like R&D investments, MNC joint audits, outsourcing and supply chain management, aeronautical engineering, space development, advanced defense technologies, clean energy, software innovation and procurement regulation and more.

Asset & Wealth Management

STCO’s experience in Asset and Wealth Management makes it eligible to provide your business with unique business insights in areas such as hedge funds, real estate, private equity, risk management, investment management, market reporting, operations, HR, regulation and restructuring.


STCO’s expertise in the Automotive industry helps solve the most complex business issues with efficiency and quality. Keeping in the fast-changing trends of the Automotive industry, STCO serves its clients as per their unique business plan. The services are provided in areas such as sustainability, auto electrification, enterprise risk management, M&A, and supply chain.

Banking & Capital Markets

STCO specialises in providing consultation to all challenging issues that are faced by the financial industry – consumer/retail banking, commercial banking, wholesale banking, mortgage banking, capital markets, insurance, investment management, broker/dealer and real estate.

Capital Projects & Infrastructures

STCO will employ its experts in handling your large and small-scale capital projects and infrastructure irrespective of your industry. The team at STCO will work with you closely throughout the lifecycle of your capital project.

Energy, Utility & Resources

STCO helps its clients in the oil and gas sector to develop new and improved strategies, revenue generating models and superior customer and investor value. Assurance, tax and advisory guidance are some of the many services that STCO provides its clients in the Energy, Utilities and Resources industry.

Engineering & Construction

With the required knowledge, skills and resources, STCO provide effective financial, tax and assurance advisory to the Engineering and Construction businesses, helping builders, contractors and related individuals and corporations resolving all their key issues.

Entertainment & Media

STCO is adept at evolving to the fast-changing landscape of the entertainment industry. STCO works with clients from the television, film, music, internet, advertising, publishing, radio and sports industries. It is made sure that the team addresses all the challenges in a way that is unique to each industry and helps add value to the business.

Financial Services

Being experts on all financial services and advisory, STCO promises its clients in the financial sector top of the line services in areas such as risk and regulation, Financial Crime, the impact of FinTech, digital innovations in emerging technologies and more. The team of financial experts at STCO work closely with the clients to come up with disruptive strategies and methodologies that take their business to newer heights.

Forest, Paper & Packaging

Understanding the diverse nature of the Forest, Paper and Packaging sector, STCO provides effective solutions and innovative strategies to the businesses in the aforementioned industry in areas like supply chain management, sustainability industry, downstream producers, distributors, building materials, housing market dynamics, pulp and fiber manufacture and transportation costs.

Government & Public Services

STCO provide audit and assurance, tax and consulting services to both Government and Public organizations. The STCO team works together with clients (from industries such as education, defense and security, local government and public finance, digital government, international development and more) to resolve all the issues that arise with the constantly changing laws and regulations.


STCO understands the challenges of the Healthcare industry that come with different regions and the development of science and technology. The team at STCO is adept at handling all the key issues and delivering the highest quality of services to its clients by focussing on both local and global healthcare market trends.

Hospitality & Leisure

Keeping in mind the fast-changing trends in the Hospitality and Leisure industry, STCO helps its clients focus on the key issues from different angles. STCO develops effective strategies for better performance in areas like cruises, gaming, lodging, travel and tourism, vacation ownership and more.

Industrial Manufacturing

STCO’s Industrial Manufacturing practice provides unique insights in areas such as investment trends, M&A, product lifecycle management solutions, revenue growth, margins, inventory, costs, customer relationship management, sales and operations and more. STCO promises to help thrive your business in the constantly changing manufacturing industry with innovative ideas and complete dedication.


STCO takes care of all the changes that occur in the regulation and technology front in the Insurance industry and makes sure that you are delivered the best solutions for all your key challenges. The team at STCO helps you push boundaries for better consumer interaction and exploration of newer business possibilities.

Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Most Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medtech companies are corporations which require constant innovative solutions and advisory in financial, audit, assurance and related areas. STCO’s experts work with their clients on their vision of a better future for their company by focussing on all the challenges and delivering innovative solutions.

Private Equity

Deftly handling the changing regulatory and tax scenario, understanding the fluctuating global economy and examining the growing competition, STCO’s private equity practice helps clients in areas such as managing funds, improving portfolio company performance, audit, tax, HR, advisory professionals and throughout deal execution.

Retail & Consumer

STCO with its skilled and experienced team, helps clients in the Retail and Consumer sector by providing solutions in areas such as supply chain management, compliance and regulatory pressures, data analytics and changing customer demands. The team is equipped with responding to changes in technology that influences consumer behaviour and market trends.

Sovereign Investment Funds

Keeping in mind the complex nature of the Sovereign Investment Funds, the team at STCO aims to be trusted advisors to its clients in the SIF industry in areas such as Investment Governance and Performance, Tax Risk Assurance and Operating Model Design including People, Technology and Risk Considerations. The team at STCO provide guidance to its clients to help them achieve their financial and operational goals.


With the world of technology changing in the blink of an eye, it is imperative to be able to adapt. STCO realises this and makes sure that your company is guided through the right course of action in all scenarios – cost-cutting, audit, taxation, developing new business models, generating new revenue streams and more.


With insightful solutions in areas like assurance, consulting, capex, tax, audit, compliance, network life-cycle management and more, STCO helps clients in the Telecommunication business achieve their financial, operational and strategic goals.

Transportation & Logistics

STCO has always managed to keep up with the changing scenarios in all businesses. The experts at STCO are dedicated to givingyour business the right perspective and insights as per the ever-evolving structure of the Transportation and Logistic industry. From digital transformation to new business models to changing customer expectations, STCO has your back under all circumstances.